About us - smart production
10 Year Warrenty

Australia’s only automated production line

Prowler Proof security screens are premium in every respect...except for the price. The manufacturing processes in our state-of-the-art factory are fully automated, enabling us to produce a superior product at a competitive price. Prowler Proof is outstanding value for money.

Computer controlled from A-Z

From the moment your dealer places an order in Prowler Proof’s online ordering system, computers keep constant track of every detail. Thanks to the computerised systems our quality and reliability are industry leading.

Robots don’t make errors

Prowler Proof’s factory is not short of dedicated and skilled craftsmen. But some tasks are best left to machines. No human can match the one-tenth-of-a-millimetre accuracy of our welding robots or the speed and quality of our 7-stage automated powder coating system.