Diamond - better built

10 Year WarrentyAt first glance Prowler Proof’s Diamond designs look similar to other security screens. But have a closer look. You’ll soon notice that there are no visible joints – it looks and feels like the security screen is made in one piece. Which is not far from the truth. Prowler Proof’s security screens are not held together by screws or rivets, they are welded. This adds strength…and good looks.

You can choose between the Small Diamond and the Large Diamond designs. Both are secure and economical – Small Diamond marginally more secure, Large Diamond marginally more economical. Both options are available as SnapLock – a unique production process that makes it possible to choose any colour frame to match a black mesh.

Looks fantastic!

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SnapLock Small Diamond

The SnapLock system lets you combine black mesh with any colour frame – which is why it is also called Black Diamond. Smaller openings in the mesh make Small Diamond even more secure than Large Diamond. 

Welded Small Diamond

Welded Small Diamond offers maximum security, just like the SnapLock Small Diamond. The difference is that the frame and the mesh are both in the same colour… you can choose from over 300 colours. 


SnapLock Large Diamond

SnapLock – or Black Diamond – lets you combine black mesh with any colour frame. SnapLock Large Diamond has larger openings and is slightly more economical than the Small Diamond version.


Welded Large Diamond

Welded Large Diamond is slightly more economical than the Small Diamond. Still it’s stronger, looks better and is more corrosion resistant than any other brand of diamond design on the Australian market.


•  Welded - no screws or rivets
•  Very high security
•  Heavy duty aluminium frame & mesh

  •  High quality fibreglass gauze
•  Seamless corners
•  More than 300 colours
•  Low maintenance
•  10 year replacement warranty